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Sketch  with Skulls


What is Sketch with Skulls?

Sketch with Skulls is an opportunity for streamers to be exposed to new audiences. Join Skullsations on stream to talk about your channel and your Twitch journey.


What would happen on stream?

On-stream Skullsations will interview you about your Twitch life and a little about your personal life for the viewers to get to know you better.


Who can apply?

Everyone over the age of 18 can apply! After completing the form below, there is a screening process to ensure no trolls have applied.


How to apply?

Complete the form below to apply. If you have any special requests, addl that in the last box of the form

This would be a drawing stream, however, there is no expectation of you needing to be good at drawing at all.

The drawings are meant to be fun!


  • We will draw with an online browser application so no need to worry about installing an app!

  • If there is anything that you would like to ask before the interview, please email me at

Request Form

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Time slots available:

 7pm - 9pm GST

Monday - Friday

 10am - 9pm GST

Saturday & Sunday

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